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Kegu Motor Provide Gear Motor For Intelligent Cabinet of Drawer

The unlocking pin of the general cabinet lock is controlled by the front panel, and the solution of the Kegu motor intelligent drawer cabinet lock gear box uses a reduction gear box and a gear motor in the transmission device of the lock core. Effectively control the unlocking and locking functions of the lock core. This design makes the lock core controllable, highly reliable (to avoid the situation where the smart lock cannot be opened), and has a long life, and realizes the safety and reliability of unlocking the smart drawer cabinet.

Intelligent drawer cabinet lock gear box is suitable for: centralized control cabinets such as lockers, letter boxes, storage cabinets, logistics cabinets, file cabinets, meter boxes, lockers, vending machines, mobile phone cabinets, shoe cabinets and so on. Widely used in: schools, community logistics, hotels, factories, bath centers, banks, supermarkets and other places.

12mm plastic planetary gear motor with metal shaft from Kegu

With the improvement of the 5G network system, the concept of smart home and smart life gradually enters people's lives. Smart locks not only stop at the basic functions of fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking, and scanning unlocking, but also serve as the entrance to smart homes The lifestyle is from complicated to simple. In addition to protecting the safety of family members and property, users have also begun to experience the smart life brought by technology. Our smart drawer cabinet lock gear box specifications range from 6mm to 52mm, output speed 5rpm to 5000rpm, speed ratio range 2-2500, output torque 1g.cmto 200kg.cm. Shenzhen Kegu Technology Co., Ltd. can provide a variety of intelligent transmission gearboxes according to customer needs, involving R&D design, production, testing, assembly, etc.



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