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Kegu Motor Provide intelligent lock solution

This series of motors are used in intelligent switch, smart door lock, fingerprint lock driver.The control system of various locks and fingerprint lock can be controlled by mobile APP.

Special imported steel for gear material, minimum modulus (0.15 mode), ultra-low noise, high reliability.The motor adopts high anti-oxidation commutator and brush material, which has

the characteristics of smooth operation, long life and small vibration.

  • High Torque

  • Low Noise

  • Longer life time up to 500,000 times unlock

1. Electrical control and automatically lock without noise. Intelligent single chip control enables you choose different applications.
2.  Alarms of failing to lock the door.
3. Unlock & lock with voice indication, automatically lock 5 seconds after the door closed.
4. Dc gear motor: long lifetime and low power consumption.

12mm gear motor for smart door lock


Here we are in Ke Gu Motor, we focus on DC motor producing and provide you with a better power solution.



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