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Technical characteristics and application introduction of plastic geared motor products

In the classification of micro gear motors, there are two types, metal gearmotor and plastic gearmotor. The products and performances of different types of gearboxes are also different. Kegu Motor will talk about plastic gears,application and characteristics of miniature geared motors.

The micro plastic gearmotor adopts a micro dc motor equipment composed of plastic gearboxes. Generally, it is common in planetary gearmotors. The diameter of 6mm~28mm is more commonly used. The voltage of the micro motor is less than 24V, and the output speed is dozens of Turning to a few hundred revolutions, the common speed ratio is about 10~1500, the lower the output speed, the greater the torque.

The transmission structure of the plastic gearmotor is assembled by the dc motor (micro dc motor) and the gearbox (reducer). The gear in the gear box is made of plastic; the plastic gearmotor is usually a small gearmotor with a diameter specification below 28mm and voltage Below 24V, the power is below 50W; Shen Zhen Ke Gu Technology Company has developed a series of specifications of miniature plastic gear motor and plastic gearboxes. The product diameter specifications are between 6mm-28mm, and the parameter ranges are as follows:

Technical parameter range of plastic geared motor products:
Size specification series: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 28mm,
Output torque range: 1gf-cm to 50kg-cm;
Reduction ratio range: 5-1500;
Output speed range: 5-2000rpm;
Transmission accuracy: can be customized
Transmission noise: can be customized

Drive motor: DC brush motor, DC brushless motor, stepper motor, coreless motor, permanent magnet motor;

6mm plastic gearmotor price

6MM plastic gearmotor datasheet:
Product Category: Plastic Planetary Gear Box
Product model: KG-06P0610
Product specifications: Φ6MM GEARMOTOR
Voltage: 3-12V (customizable)
No-load speed: 46~6200 rpm (customizable)
No-load current: 30~40mA (customizable)
Load speed: 40~5600 rpm (customizable)
Load current: 100mA (customizable)
Product features: small size, light weight, high efficiency, long life, low noise;

Micro plastic gear motor applications: sweeping robot gearmotors, smart toilet/trash can micro gearmotors, electric curtain micro gearmotors, companion robot gearmotors, educational robot gearmotors, etc. Some electronic lock clutches and steering gears will also use plastic gearbox, Generally speaking, as long as it is in products with high torque and low speed, plastic gear motors are needed. For example, the structure of the intelligent lock, most of customer use 6mm plastic gearmotor as a driver.

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