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How to choose the right worm gear motor

How to choose the right worm gear motor, how to choose the brand of worm gear motor on the market, and then first determine the type of worm gear motor required, and then determine the output power and torque required for output, and then according to the input shaft speed and output The speed required by the shaft is used to calculate the speed ratio of the gearbox. According to the actual usage, such as: daily working time, impact load, switching frequency, etc., determine the working state coefficient. Worm gear motor and specifications are required when calculating the model Speed ratio; After understanding the type of worm gear gearbox required, select the brand, communicate with the manufacturer and determine your own worm gear gearbox parameters. How to choose the motor of the worm gear gearbox, there are many small The partner is not clear. Today, I will introduce how to choose the motor with worm gear motor, and consider the factors beyond the speed, torque, and power requirements. The following are the factors to be considered when selecting a worm gear motor.

1. Speed: Is there a set speed or speed range, do you need the motor to run? If precise or adjustable speed is important, you may need to add a controller to the motor.
2. Torque: How much starting torque does your application equipment need? Will gravity be an obstacle to consider? Does the torque requirement of the motor change during the entire motor operation?
3. Efficacy: Do you think the amount of power required by the application equipment is equal to the actual power used? When providing specifications, please determine whether you are using operating power or maximum power.
4. Duty cycle: Will your application equipment run continuously (long enough for the motor to reach its full operating temperature) or burst out for a short time, so that the worm gear motor can be completely cooled between two cycles?
5. Ambient temperature: Will your application equipment operate in extremely hot or cold temperatures?
6. Noise: All worm gear motors will produce noise due to moving parts, but for some applications in public places or hospital environments, it is important to make the motor run as quietly as possible. by
Reconfiguring gears or adjusting materials can achieve additional noise reduction

Here, customers should be particularly reminded that after choosing a suitable worm gear motor, they should pay attention to the daily maintenance and maintenance of the worm gear reducer in daily use. In particular, the gear motor must be cleaned regularly. Gearbox cleaners can use variable speed The original oil drain system of the box and the filtered old oil are used to clean the gearbox., fast filtration of waste oil, refueling new oil and other functions, the operation process does not change the hardware facilities, does not add cleaning agents to ensure the safe operation of the transmission, and can extend the worm The service life of the reducer, better maintenance of the gearbox.

32mm worm gear motor

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