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Six reasons for the noise of micro geared motors

The first reason is that individual gears of the geared motor are damaged or tooth chipped, resulting in a large amount of wear and vibration between the gears, which makes the gear box make loud noises during operation. Not only  affects the geared motor's performance, also for operation efficiency and normally work.

The second reason is that the geared motor is not installed smoothly, which causes the geared motor to shake violently due to unstable position during working,making a very loud noise.

The third reason is that the internal system of the geared motor is damaged. Generally, the internal parts of the geared motor are missing or damaged will make a big noise.

The fourth reason is the wrong operation of the geared motor, overload or improper load speed, which will generate loud noise.

The fifth reason is that there is too little grease in the gearbox, which leads to excessive friction between the gears, makes a click noise during working.

The sixth reason is the lack of oil in the motor bearing, which leads to excessive friction between the motor output shaft and the bearing, generates the sharp noises.

When the geared motor makes loud noise, it is nothing more than these six reasons. As long as the reasons of these six problems is completely solved, the geared motor will work normally and there is no noise.

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