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Ø 12mm Micro DC Gear Motor

  • KG-12FN30 12mm metal gear motor
KG-12FN30 12mm metal gear motor

KG-12FN30 12mm metal gear motor

  • Model: KG-12FN30 12mm metal gear motor
  • Gearbox:12mm metal gearbox
  • Dia:12mm Motor:KFF-N30 dc motor
  • 12mm metal gearbox, Kegu motor
  • Product description: 12mm dc gear motor,12mm metal gearbox,GM12-N20,12mm gear motor,12mm gearbox,12mm spur gearbox,12mm dc gear motor with encoder,spur metal gear box,micro metal gearbox,gear motor,Kegu motor

Model:KG-12FN20 GM12-N20VA

1.Small size dc gear motor with low speed and big torque
2.12mm gear motor provide 0.1Nm torque and more reliable
3.Suitable to small diameter, low noise and big toque application
4.Dc Gear motors can match encoder, 3ppr

Drawing of 12mm gear motor

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