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Noise analysis and treatment method of 12MM metal gearbox

12mm micro metal gearmotor is an important part widely used in mechanical transmission. When a pair of gears mesh, there are inevitably errors in tooth pitch and tooth profile.
In the process, a meshing shock will be generated and noise corresponding to the meshing frequency of the gear will occur, and friction noise will also occur due to relative sliding between the tooth surfaces. Since the gears are teeth
The basic parts in the gearbox transmission, reducing gear noise is necessary to control the gearbox noise. Generally speaking, the main causes of gear system noise are
The following aspects:
1. Gear design. Improper selection of parameters, too small overlap, improper or no modification of the tooth profile, unreasonable gear box structure, etc. Gear processing aspect
The pitch error and tooth profile error are too large, the tooth side clearance is too large, the surface roughness is too large, etc.
2. Gear train and gear box. Eccentric assembly, low contact accuracy, poor parallelism of the shaft, insufficient rigidity of the shaft, bearing, and support, and rotation accuracy of the bearing
Not high and improper clearance, etc.
3. Other input torque. The fluctuation of load torque, the torsional vibration of the shaft system, the balance of the motor and other transmission pairs, etc.
After years of hard work and continuous exploration, Kegu Motor has successfully introduced the world’s most advanced Blu-Goo super lubricant, which is a multi-purpose lubricant.
The special inert material is mainly used to reduce metal-to-metal contact. As a thread sealing compound, the product forms a contact between the external thread and the internal thread
Surface, can protect the joint from friction and wear, and can withstand a pressure of 1407 kg/cm², even wear, corrosion or incorrect machining
Threaded surface. This product is also an excellent gearbox additive and can be formed as a thin film on internal parts. Thereby reducing friction and gear noise
And leaks. It also significantly reduces the moment stress and meets the demand for power decompression. It can be used on the gasket surface or as a filler supplement to prevent flow by sealing

Body leakage can be applied at a temperature of 316°C, successfully achieving the purpose of reducing gearbox noise

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