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The control methods of brushless DC motors include position sensor control, position sensorless control, and intelligent control.

1. Control with position sensor

The position sensor is installed on the stator of the DC brushless motor to detect the rotor position and control the commutation of the stator winding. The position sensors used include electromagnetic type (such as magnetoresistive resolver), photoelectric type (such as shading plate), magnetic sensitive type (such as Hall sensor), etc., among which Hall sensors are the most widely used.

2. No position sensor control

The position sensorless DC brushless motor control method does not directly install a position sensor on the stator of the DC brushless motor to detect the rotor position. It generally uses direct back-EMF detection, back-EMF third-harmonic method, current path monitoring method, open-circuit phase voltage detection method, phase inductance method, back-EMF logic level integral comparison method and other methods to indirectly detect the rotor position.

3.intelligent control

It is the advanced stage of the development of control theory, generally including fuzzy control, neural network control, expert system, etc. The intelligent control system has the functions of self-learning, self-adaptation, self-organization, etc., and can solve the problem of model uncertainty, nonlinear control and other more complex problems. Strictly speaking, BLDC is a multi-variable, non-linear, and strongly coupled object, so the use of intelligent control can achieve more satisfactory control results. At present, many mature intelligent control methods have been applied to DC brushless motor control, such as: Fuzzy-PID control combined with fuzzy control and PID control, compound control combined with fuzzy control and neural network, membership parameters are inherited Algorithm optimized fuzzy control, single neuron adaptive control, etc.

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    The company currently has a variety of standard series of brushless DC motor models, including a total of eight inner rotors and six outer rotors. The standard series of brushless motors is constantly investing in research and development of new products, with power from 0.1W to 200W, and matching motor mechanical transmission systems. , And has domestic advanced integrated drive design solutions.

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